Automate Invoice Processing

Shorten invoice cycle times and reduce costs with automated invoice processing

Manual and paper-based invoice processing is time-consuming and expensive. As AP pressures mount and invoice volumes continue to grow, accounts payable departments are turning to AP automation solutions in the form of automated invoice capture and invoice workflow software to keep up – and keep cost per invoice down.

The automated invoice processing solution by Hyland provides invoice workflow that automates invoice management to speed cycle times and lower costs. Regardless of format, the OnBase information platform captures invoices electronically and delivers them to the appropriate people and systems for review, approval and coding. The automated invoice workflow minimises the number of touches per transaction, eliminates the need to re-key information and route paperwork between departments.

Automated invoice processing benefits

Automated invoice workflow is the key to processing more invoices in a fraction of the time at a much lower cost. OnBase workflow and notifications help organisations:

  • Adopt paperless AP processes
  • Reduce delays and eliminate process bottlenecks
  • Streamline exception processing
  • Ensure consistent, controlled AP processes
  • Improve collaboration and communication between departments

How does invoice workflow work?

OnBase workflow and notifications automate invoice processes, including routing to for approvals, two- and three-way matching, approval hierarchies, dispute management, and posting to accounting applications and ERP systems. After invoices and supporting documents are captured, OnBase invoice workflow:

  • Automatically verifies purchase order lines with data from your ERP
  • Identifies exceptions and routes them for review and resolution
  • Electronically routes invoices to approvers based on configured rules and sends notifications
  • Posts confirmed data directly into the ERP or financial system

OnBase workflow operates on a business rules engine that is easily configurable to adapt to any business structure and allows users to create and deploy workflows on demand. Seamless integration with your ERP and email enables AP staff and approvers to access invoices and supporting documents anytime from the convenience of the application they work in most often and from their mobile device.

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