Invoice Capture

Process invoices and export data automatically without manual intervention

For most organisations, half of all invoices still arrive as paper, while the rest arrive via email and electronic data interchange (EDI). Processing invoices from multiple sources can bog your AP department down with manual data entry, stacks of paperwork, lost invoices and a lack of visibility into invoice processing. With invoice scanning software and intelligent data capture, you accelerate the invoice cycle by eliminating the manual effort that leads to miss-keyed data, human errors and duplicate work.

Invoice capture software extracts data regardless of format

Hyland technology uses optical character recognition (OCR) or intelligent data capture technology to extract, validate and export data from any invoice format and reduce the overall manual touch points throughout invoice processing.

  • Import invoices in multiple formats including images, PDF, XLS, XML and EDI
  • Extract invoice data such as PO number, vendor number or amount via OCR
  • Store invoices alongside related documents — check images, packing slips, correspondence — in a single electronic library

Sync data with your ERP to process invoices in a fraction of the time

Invoice capture software integrates with your ERP to ensure data accuracy. The instant boost in productivity allows you to reallocate staff from manual data entry to more strategic initiatives. And, with accurate data being delivered directly to your ERP, you are better equipped to make key financial decisions.

  • Match and validate information against your ERP database
  • Automatically identify data errors and exceptions
  • Update ERP records with extracted values and status information

Leverage the built-in intelligence of Brainware for invoice capture

Using artificial intelligence, Brainware intelligent data capture extracts critical data from invoices, including line-item detail and handwritten characters, and accurately sorts documents based on their content without templates, anchors, keywords or zones. Brainware automates PO-based invoices to achieve true touchless processing, and automates GL-coding for non-PO invoices so they instantly enter an approval workflow.

With Brainware for invoice capture, you'll:

  • Share data with financial management, ERP, ECM and other systems for end-to-end automation
  • Access a complete audit trail plus processing metrics and key performance indicators
  • Automatically append GL codes to non-PO invoices by matching the data from line items
  • Apply vendor and supplier numbers to invoices from your vendor master file