Accounts Payable Reporting

Improve the visibility of invoice and process data for strategic decision-making

When it comes to the financial health of your organisation, access to real-time information is paramount. Hyland reporting tools provide actionable data and insight into process performance and the status of all invoices, payments and other documents so you can have more accurate accounts payable reporting. With Hyland solutions for accounts payable reporting, you can:

  • Provide better cash flow analysis
  • Identify and remove process bottlenecks
  • Reduce time-consuming audit preparations

Gain visibility into financial health and cash flow

Limited insight into invoice volumes makes it difficult to monitor accruals and accurately predict cash flowing out of the business. The OnBase information platform offers reporting dashboards that allow you to view and share the status of invoices and summarise liabilities for more accurate accrual reporting and reliable accounts payable metrics.

Dashboards present data in a variety of graphical formats to quickly view and interpret data such as the volume of invoices in each stage of processing. The real-time information provides finance leaders with a better view of upcoming cash requirements to better predict outbound cash flow.

Easily track and monitor process performance

The OnBase reporting dashboards grant managers the ability to view accounts payable performance metrics like time to payment, time to invoice approval, workload per AP employee and more. This visibility highlights bottleneck areas so managers can adjust workloads as needed or find additional process improvement opportunities. Interactive features allow users to easily monitor performance and analyze trends in real-time. The reporting dashboards:

  • Grant users the power to create their own views of data without support from IT
  • Make complex data easier to understand with graphical views of business activity and system health
  • Promote process improvement by highlighting trends and presenting relevant data for analysis in real-time

Stay compliant with easy access to missing, aging or expired documents

Hyland solutions can also help guard against compliance risk by providing a clear and auditable trail for every touch of a document in the accounts payable reporting process. With all documentation in a single, secure location, users can run exception reports to identify critical documents that may be missing in advance of an audit.

With accounts payable reporting, you can:

  • Rapidly audit the entire document repository with easy configuration and report generation
  • Confirm the existence of required documents and identify broken transactions
  • Ensure compliance with regulations by reporting on all aging and/or expired documents