Texas Association of School Boards Implements ShareBase for Cloud Sharing Needs

Texas – 10/16/2018

Hyland, a leading provider of software solutions for managing content, processes and cases, welcomes the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) as a new customer, providing the organization with the cloud-based, file sharing platform, ShareBase.

TASB, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a voluntary, nonprofit, statewide educational association that serves Texas school districts. TASB has used several cloud sharing hosts before, but none were able to fully integrate with the organization’s enterprise information platform, requiring users to download and upload documents from one system to another.

With the implementation of ShareBase, OnBase users like TASB can now use a task in OnBase’s workflow to send documents securely through ShareBase. By keeping the document in OnBase, the document of record is stored in one place, creating better version control and security. ShareBase will allow TASB to more easily share documents with members and other public stakeholders who need access.

“As we evaluated our options for a cloud solution, ShareBase met our goals of reducing IT costs as well as creating efficiencies in accessing and sharing documents,” said Kristi Palm, IT project manager at TASB. “ShareBase has made it easier for people inside our organization, as well as external stakeholders, to access information. One of our groups uses ShareBase when they are out in the field to be able to quickly access documents that they need.”

TASB's membership includes all 1,028 Texas school districts, 20 regional education service centers, 50 community colleges, 16 tax appraisal districts, and 137 shared service arrangements. The association represents the largest group of publicly elected officials in the state (more than 7,000 school board members).

TASB continues to add several new users of ShareBase and expects to add one more department in the next few months. For more information on the benefits of ShareBase, visit https://sharebase.onbase.com/.

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