Higher Education

Enterprise cloud-based sharing for your campus


From admissions processing to campus construction projects, sharing and collaborating on documents with those inside and outside your institution is key. However, the way this is often done today – via unsanctioned public file-sharing tools, inefficient email and USB drives, or IT resource-intensive FTP sites – leaves gaps in visibility, security and control.

ShareBase by Hyland is an enterprise cloud-based file-sharing product that enables you to securely share documents with those inside and outside your institution while retaining ownership over what is being shared. Read on to discover how ShareBase can add value across your campus and beyond by equipping your staff, students and external stakeholders with secure sharing capabilities.


ShareBase Applications in Higher Education


Here are just a few applications for ShareBase in Higher Education:

Vendor Contracts: Simplify the exchange of and collaboration on agreements, terms and conditions, and contracts with external vendors. Once final contracts are approved, they can be stored in a vendor management solution.

Admissions: Make information and documentation available to valuable third parties, such as prospective students and their parents, during the admissions process and supporting events. For example, easily collect prospective student information for Admissions Processing and Review, including content like recordings, videos and graphics for candidate review in specific programs; exchange iterations of marketing collateral with programs across campus; and aggregate content to share with prospects for campus tours.

Campus RFP processes: Manage RFP and RFI processes by sharing files to gather input from individuals across campus or by sharing RFPs externally with participating vendors. Collect RFP submissions and move the contract-winning RFP into your permanent records in OnBase or another document management solution.

Formal gift contracts: Large dollar donations often require a contract - sometimes called a gift agreement - between the donor and the institution/foundation, outlining how money will be spent, reported, etc. Share these agreements with donors as they move through the process, then finalize and store them in OnBase, where they’ll be associated with the actual gift record.

Advancement campaign planning: Campaign planning frequently involves interaction with outside marketing agencies, collaboration with event venues for major kickoff and milestone celebration events, and work with alumni groups around the country. Collect and share information with these external groups in a secure environment while tracking all interactions.

General board planning and agendas:  Boards of trustees, cabinets, foundation boards, museum boards, alumni boards and other committees that support the mission and strategy of your  institution often need to access and exchange key documents. ShareBase provides the ability for these external parties to securely share.

Other use cases include

- Outside agency/community advocacy

- Facilities planning and project documentation

- Accreditation process

- Employee recruitment and hiring

- Tenure and promotion

- Legal office

- Curriculum review