Financial Services Sharebase

Enterprise cloud-based sharing for your financial services institution

On one side of the coin, the proper management of customer and company information, to avoid security risks such as theft or alteration of data, is paramount for financial services organizations. On the other, the ability to collaborate safely and securely on sensitive documents with associates inside and outside your organization.

There is little doubt collaboration occurs, but more than likely it occurs via unsanctioned public file-sharing tools, inefficient email and USB drives, or IT resource-intensive FTP sites. This leaves gaps in visibility, security and control.

Discover how ShareBase can add value across your financial services organization and beyond by equipping your employees and external stakeholders with secure sharing capabilities.

ShareBase Applications in Financial Services

Lending: Offer your customers or members secure, 24-hour access to loan-related documents and packages. Share files externally with other third parties, such as title companies and investors knowing the information is safe and secure.

New account opening: Safely share pertinent documents with customers or members and allow them to share supporting information with your financial institution. When multiple signers are involved, begin a new account at one branch, and then securely share documents with signers at another branch.

Auditing: Make audit logs and other documentation available to external auditors, ensuring corporate and industry compliance standards are met while reducing the cost of billable hours. To speed the process, OnBase can automatically add documents to ShareBase and, using Workflow, notify recipients via email containing secure links. You can also add password protection and expiration dates to further protect information.