User Access Restrictions

User Access Restrictions

Do you need even more control and security around your organization’s content in ShareBase? Should your users be able to access content only from a specific location, such as the office?

Take secure access to ShareBase a step further by restricting user access based on geographic location. ShareBase Site Administrators can now limit where users access ShareBase by whitelisting specific IP addresses and ranges, providing further control over access to your organization’s content.

IP Whitelisting allows you to whitelist a combination of individual IP addresses and IP address ranges, supporting both IPv4 and IPv6. IP Whitelisting restricts access only for your organization’s ShareBase user accounts. To restrict access for external share recipients, check out the “Configuring Sharing Rights” section in the ShareBase Help Files.

Enabling IP Whitelisting

You can configure and enable IP Whitelisting from the Deployment Details page in ShareBase Administration.

In ShareBase Administration, click Details to open the Deployment Details page.

IP Whitelisting configuration is located in the Options section on the Deployment Details page. Do one of the following:

  • Select the check box for Enable IPAddress Whitelisting. This will open the configuration screen to configure the IP Whitelist.
  • To edit the existing IP Whitelist, click on the pencil icon to display the configuration screen.

The configuration screen displays the Add to Whitelist entry box. In the field provided, enter the list of IP addresses and ranges to allow your users to access ShareBase from. Invalid entries will be displayed in Red, and you will not be allowed to save the whitelist until you remove all invalid entries. ShareBase also makes sure you include your current IP address, so that you do not accidentally lock yourself out. When you are finished, click Save.

To enable or disable the current IP Whitelisting configuration, click the Enable IP Address Whitelisting check box. Once this box is checked, IP Whitelisting is enabled for all ShareBase users in your organization.

Once IP Whitelisting is enabled, it is respected by all ShareBase clients, including the Public API. Users who are actively logged in to ShareBase from non-whitelisted IP addresses are logged out, and the following message is displayed:


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