Upload Restrictions

Allowed File Types for Upload

Corporate Libraries can be used to gather content from outside of your organization, allowing your customers to upload files needed for your organization’s internal processes. This is most used through the OnBase Interaction with ShareBase where content is shared and gathered using a ShareBase Corporate Library. But what happens when customers upload file formats you were not expecting or that OnBase does not support? With File Type Whitelists, you can specify which file formats are allowed to be uploaded to specific Corporate Libraries. If customers try to upload file formats that are not in the File Type Whitelist, they are presented with a message stating the file formats allowed for upload.

Configuring File Type Whitelist

You can configure File Type Whitelists through ShareBase Administration.

In ShareBase Administration, navigate to the Library that needs a File Type Whitelist.

On the Edit Library page, there is a new section named File Types Allowed. When this section is empty, all file formats are allowed to be uploaded to the Library.

To specify allowed file formats, type their extensions into the Add Extension field. Press Enter after each extension.

You also can click the Open File Type List button, which provides a list of common file extensions and the ability to add multiple file types at once.

If you type a file extension that is not in the list of suggested file formats, press Enter for the extension to be added. Once a custom file extension has been added to a Library, the extension becomes part of the list of file extensions displayed when you click Open File Type List for this Corporate Library and others.


If a user attempts to upload a file that has an extension not included in the File Types Allowed for the Library, the user is presented with the following message. If multiple files fail to be uploaded, this message lists all files that failed.


The user can click on the Details tab to find out which formats are supported.


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