Have you ever found yourself requesting that someone make a simple decision for a particular document but you had no easy and secure way of tracking those requests? With ShareBase Tasks, you no longer need to configure a workflow for simple decisions on a document.  You eliminate the need to communicate back and forth via email or use ShareBase comments for simple decision-making. Assign a decision maker inside or outside your organisation, set a due date and enter a custom message with a few simple clicks to securely request and track a decision.

Creating Tasks

Tasks are only created at the document/file level. To create a task:

  1. Click the Create a Task icon.

  2. The Create a Task dialog box is displayed.

  3. Fill in the required fields to complete task assignment.
    • Assign To: Type in a user name or an email address to identify the person that needs to complete the task action.
    • Task Instructions: Type in instructions or provide some context for the assignee.
    • Due Date: Select a due date.
  4. Click Create to complete the task creation process.

Completing an Assigned Task

Each task assignee has view-only rights to the document and will continue to have access to the document for 14 days after the task is completed or 14 days after the task expires*.

* There are some exceptions. For example, if a user completes a task that was already overdue by 5 days, they will have only nine more days to access the document (14 days – 5 days = 9 days). The period for document availability can also depend on the settings configured by the Administrator, which may dictate when external shares expire.

Task assignees will see the task instructions as well as approve and deny options at the bottom of the document that has the task assigned.

When a task is completed, the task creator and the assignee both receive confirmation emails with the decision on the particular document.

Emails will include any custom branding applied by the organisation.

Reviewing Open and Past Tasks

ShareBase users can review any tasks they have assigned and any tasks assigned to them in the My Tasks view, accessible from the navigation menu.

The My Tasks View is divided into three sections: Assigned To Me, Assigned By Me and History.

  • Assigned To Me
  • Displays any outstanding tasks that you need to complete. Each row represents a task that needs to be completed. Click the task to open the document and to make a decision from within the viewer.

    Alternatively, you can hover over the task to bring up the Approve and Deny buttons. Click Approve or Deny to complete the task without opening the document.

  • Created By Me
  • Displays tasks that you have assigned but that have not been completed. You can see the date a task was assigned, its due date, to whom it was assigned, and the provided instructions. Cancel a task by hovering over it and clicking the Cancel button that is displayed.

  • History
  • Displays any completed tasks that were assigned to you or that you have assigned. Canceled tasks are also displayed in this section.