Administration Reporting

If you are an administrator looking for more insight into how your end users are using ShareBase or who outside of the organization has access to documents, the new Administrative Reporting layout is just for you. With the ability to generate different reports for your ShareBase deployment, we are giving more power to the admins.

Creating Reports

You can run all available reports for your deployment from the Reports layout under Administration.

1. Once logged into ShareBase, click on the circled user icon in the upper-right corner, next to your user name, to open the options menu.

2. Select the second option in the menu: Administration

3. In the Administrative view, click on the Report button in the left navigation bar to access the Reports layout

4. In the Reports layout, a stepper is available to guide you through the report creation process. Click on the Report Type drop-down to configure a report

5. There are three types of reports currently available:

6. After selecting a report, continue to step 2, Configure Report Options, by clicking Next

7. Depending on which report is selected, different options will be available

Sample of options for Deployment Sharing Report

  • User Activity Report requires that a single user is identified and a valid date range is selected
  • User Information requires that one or more users are identified
  • Deployment Sharing Report only requires a valid date range

8. After providing all required configuration options, the Done button becomes available. Click Done to view the generated report.

Deployment Sharing Report sample

  • Each generated report will identify the amount of results returned in the upper-right hand corner
  • Each report can be sorted by clicking on the column header
  • You can download the report as a CSV file to your local computer and perform additional data manipulation by clicking on the Download button above the report.
  • If the data cannot be displayed in full view on the generated report screen, hovering above a field will show the hidden values

We’d love to hear feedback about how you use Admin Reporting. Please email us or use this easy form to share your experiences.