ShareBase on Hyland Cloud

ShareBase by Hyland is an enterprise cloud-based file sharing product that provides secure, cloud-based sharing while ensuring you organization retains ownership and control.

ShareBase is deployed in the Hyland Cloud, a secure, privately-managed cloud that is custom designed to serve as a hosting architecture for Hyland’s cloud offerings. The Hyland Cloud was first deployed more than 15 years ago for Hyland’s enterprise information platform, OnBase. Since then, Hyland has continued to pioneer innovative cloud-based solutions, including ShareBase.

Cloud Security

Encrypted encryption

That’s right. With the Hyland Cloud, you get multi-level encryption which then includes encryption of each of the encryption keys themselves. And to take it one step further – we rotate the encryption keys quarterly.

Audited personnel

Hyland has more than 60 employees completely dedicated to support the Hyland Cloud. Never outsourced, this team is audited regularly and works in a wing of our headquarters the requires additional security clearance for access.