On-Demand Services

Continual access to the best minds in the industry; the answers when you need them

We are dedicated to your success at Hyland

Even the most self-supporting customers will require varying levels of assistance or guidance as their Hyland solution needs evolve over time.

The ongoing assistance you need may not warrant a full-scale services engagement. Sometimes, it’s simply confirmation that your approach in designing, modifying or configuring solutions uses the best methods. This is why Hyland developed a range of managed services designed to meet you where you are and help get you where you need to be.

97 percent customer renewal rate

Hyland On-Demand Services is your helpline for assistance and guidance with the ongoing work your teams conduct as they maintain and expand your Hyland solutions. Our team of experts and advisors act as an extension of your software administration team, and can quickly fill brief gaps in technical knowledge or recommend best practices and approaches.

Common times where On-Demand Services makes sense

Your helpline for your Hyland solutions, On-Demand Services enables you to turn to technical experts and industry-specific consultants for assistance and guidance when you need it.

Acting as extension of your team, you’ll have continual access to our experts for the ongoing work your teams conduct every day in maintaining and expanding your
Hyland solutions.

Our customer software maintenance renewal rate is among the best
in the industry

Common areas where you'll benefit from leveraging On-Demand Services include:

  • Installation and/or setup of software
  • Design and configuration of software
  • Environmental and/or infrastructure design, planning and setup
  • Solution troubleshooting
  • Determining solution and/or business process requirements 
  • Solution updates, changes and/or expansion
  • Project plans, checklists and strategies

We provide the technical knowledge and best methodologies to keep your projects and solutions moving forward to successful outcomes.

Receive assistance quickly without a full-scale engagement

On-Demand Services gives you access to qualified experts without the time consumption of a full-scale services engagement.

  • Subscription-based, this service meets the needs of your organization so we are here when you need us.
  • Should it be needed, our experts are always supported by the extensive network of specialists here at Hyland.

Tap into the best minds in the industry as you design and maintain your solutions. We are dedicated to meeting you where you are, to get you where you need to be.