The faster your electronic documents are available from your business systems, the happier everyone is—from decision makers, to staff conducting transactions, to
those they serve.

Our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services help many of our customers who need document scanning and indexing for high-volumes of time-sensitive documents, so documents and their extracted data are promptly available from business systems, cloud solutions and automated content management workflows.

Common areas where BPO serves our customers with day-forward document scanning services and data management include the mailroom, accounts payable and accounts receivable, human resources, customer correspondence, claims processing and medical records or turnover cycle areas, among others.

Daily, we retrieve our BPO customers' physical documents from their U.S. Postal Box
and bring them here to Hyland Headquarters, where our experts provide secure document scanning and indexing. We then deliver the electronic documents to your
cloud solution or preferred document management method. We also provide records management services.

We serve all scale of customer business processes and budget allowances. You can trust your scanning and indexing needs to our experts.