ECM Upgrade Services

Ensure your solutions remain stable and secure while providing the most valuable, engaging user experiences

We know that enterprise upgrades are typically very high profile. When it is time to upgrade, many customers engage Hyland Global Services to assist. 

Hyland’s product releases contain thousands of updates and customer-driven enhancements, from optimised, secure mobile features to personalised case management capabilities that tightly integrate with your other systems. They also include critical support and security features for the latest browsers, operating systems and database versions.

It’s a good idea to upgrade your Hyland solutions to the latest version at least every two years. Not only to take advantage of the usability, performance and security development that accompanies each release, but quite simply, it makes upgrade projects easier.

You’ll ensure your system remains stable and secure with the latest security features, equipping you to meet current compliance standards and reduce risk.

Expert guidance from those who know Hyland upgrades 

Hyland's Upgrade Services professionals know the software better than anyone. We can step in and perform the entire ECM upgrade, or help with any phase.

Our experts are certified installers who specialise in upgrades, and know the best methods for upgrading your system, minimising risk.

They also understand what behaviour to expect from the new software and can easily troubleshoot any issues encountered in the upgrade process, including adjustments to integrations and APIs. Working with

Upgrade Services means that your team’s time commitment for the upgrade process is minimal, as is any downtime for the solutions your users depend on.

We understand that there are varying levels of support you may require, and have service levels to meet your needs, from consulting to comprehensive end-to-end upgrade services.

Upgrade planning and risk assessment

This service is appropriate when you have a trained system administrator capable of executing the ECM upgrade and want an expert assessment that will uncover potential challenges. Together, we’ll evaluate your current deployment, verify infrastructure plans and identify components, like scripting, that you should evaluate or re-implement in the upgrade process. This service can be a high-level review and planning exercise or a deep-dive review of custom API code and/or scripts used in your solutions. We also deliver a document with suggested tasks, outlining any concerns.

End-to-end ECM upgrade

Working with you to craft a strategy that best works for your needs, we’ll upgrade or create your test environment and identify the appropriate upgrade strategy, plan and checklist. We’ll support you in the testing phase, perform (or support) the production upgrade and provide post upgrade support. We’ll also point out key new features and beneficial functionality, and provide training in areas such as database maintenance and general administrative tasks.

Upgrade consulting

General upgrade consulting is available for those customers who have most aspects of an ECM upgrade covered and merely want general guidance and assistance leading up to, and potentially assisting through, the production upgrade. Engage our experts through a single Upgrade Consulting Service engagement, or through our subscription-based On-Demand Services, where experts are available on a perpetual basis to your in-house team. With either type of engagement, you own the upgrade project as a whole; Hyland experts work with your team to assist and provide guidance for areas you determine.

Staff Augmentation

In a Staff Augmentation service, one or more Hyland experts joins your team to assist with your upgrade initiatives. Staff Augmentation projects are managed completely by the customer and are typically time-bound rather than scope-bound. In this model, Hyland experts can fill a variety of gaps, whether centring on core software areas, business process configuration or even custom API integration.