High Availability/Disaster Recovery

Minimise the risk of downtime and ensure your customers can access <br>the information they need

The systems most essential to your business are the key solutions most susceptible in the event of a disaster. Additionally, more and more business processes have requirements for uptime that are critical to meet.

It’s no secret that proper planning and assurance that you will be able to maintain mission-critical systems should you encounter an unforeseen event is ideal. And it’s achievable, but it takes a strategic effort to ensure you have covered all bases.

Don’t take risks when the stakes are this high

Our High Availability and Disaster Recovery consulting services are here to help you prepare your organisation for these situations.

We evaluate your enterprise architecture to determine the best methodology for high availability (HA), based on your organisation's stated goals of uptime, recovery point, recovery time, and SLAs.

Disaster Recovery (DR) roadmaps include tasks, functions, personnel roles, critical timeframes and recommended testing and review schedules.

Key deliverables of our High Availability and Disaster Recovery consulting service

  • Enterprise-specific HA/DR study
  • Business continuance strategies for all Hyland solution components
  • Reduced recovery time strategies
  • Virtualisation/replication plans

High Availability and Disaster Recovery consulting service ideal for

  • Organisations looking to develop a DR strategy/plan
  • Those who need assistance in matching business requirements with appropriate technologies
  • Teams with limited resources

Risk of doing nothing

  • Data loss
  • Down time
  • Financial and/or regulatory penalties