ECM Data Capture

Your ECM solution should capture all critical documents and information, no matter the file type or location

The value of ECM goes way beyond simple scanning.  Your solution should have the ability to capture all of your important content - paper, electronic and data - into one system with limited human intervention.

An ideal ECM solution will:

Capture all file types  

Your ECM solution should preserve the native file type, rather than standardising all your files to one proprietary format. This would limit what you can do with your content in the future and inhibit your use of the capabilities within the applications that created it, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and CAD to name a few.

With your workforce constantly on the go, it is also important for an ECM solution to be able to capture images and information using mobile devices, specifically providing the ability to ingest information through electronic forms.

The ECM solution should also capture correspondences directly from external email clients, along with related attachments, to make sure all relevant content is in a single system.

Capture from any physical location 

Your ECM solution should provide you the flexibility to capture high volumes of documents right on location, saving you the cost and time associated with transporting them. Whether large batches of documents in a mailroom, small batches at a registration desk or single documents at individuals’ desks, you should never have to ship documents to a centralised location, just to scan them into a system.

Automatically sort documents and extract critical information

As those documents enter the system, the task of manually sorting documents and entering data into relevant systems can prove costly to any organisation.

Your ECM solution should give you the flexibility of automating both processes – automatically classifying documents as they enter the system, pulling all critical information and validating the extracted data. This ensures that the information used to index the document in the ECM system and fueling critical business decisions down the line, is as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

With these processes automated, your organisation can re-allocate dedicated staff to higher-value tasks.