Electronic File Management

Optimise paper-based processes in an electronic file system with digital files

Electronic file management, or electronic document management, is the practice of importing, storing and managing documents and images as computer files. It includes the scanning and capturing of data from paper-based documents, digitising files and allowing for the disposal of hard copies. Essentially, you are creating an electronic file system that takes the place of physical file cabinets.

Why upgrade to electronic file management?

Paper-based system pain points that are eliminated or minimised with an electronic file management system include:

  • Too much time spent managing and maintaining paper documents
  • Storage space required for paper files and boxes
  • Reliance on off-site storage solutions, which incurs additional costs and delays in retrieval
  • Risks of document loss due to fire, water damage or other physical damage

Benefits of an electronic file management system

By moving from manual, paper-based processes to an electronic file system, organisations can:

  • Save space and resources otherwise needed for organising, filing and storing papers
  • Minimise errors that are more likely with manual data entry and filing
  • Permanently preserve documents and information that could otherwise be misplaced or lost
  • Reduce or eliminate expenses for office supplies such as printers, copiers, paper, ink, etc.
  • Optimise productivity by eliminating time and effort necessary to search through files for information
  • Improve customer service by speeding up response times

Do even more with an enterprise information management platform

An enterprise information platform allows organisations to optimise the management of content and processes to better support decision making and day-to-day operations and includes electronic file management capabilities that improve accessibility to information by:

  • Capturing and storing all relevant documents
  • Making information searchable
  • Making information accessible from one central platform
  • Enabling multiple users to access the same, up-to-date information simultaneously
  • Enabling versioning control
  • Providing e-signature functionality

To learn more about electronic file management and the benefits of an enterprise information platform solution, contact us.