Coke One North America (CONA)

Facing rapid growth, CONA reliably scales SAP-backed processes; from 5 million documents per year to 5 million per month

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The challenge

Every day, the Coca-Cola Company ships considerable volumes of beverage bases to its bottlers, who in turn manufacture and deliver large quantities of Coca-Cola products to their customer sites (more than 10,000 deliveries per day). This also means there are a lot of documents to manage to make sure delivery logistics for one of the biggest manufacturing operations in the world operates without a hitch.

From the beginning, CONA recognized that they could streamline processes for bottlers by automating processes in operations, finance and customer care. Leveraging world-class digital solutions would ease highvolume, intensive daily paperwork while enabling bottlers to focus on delivering the best, personalized customer experience to their local customers.

The solution

Hyland Global Services stepped up to the challenge. CONA initially engaged Hyland to deliver content services solutions for CONA’s cross-functional document storage needs, but the Hyland services engagement quickly evolved into a consultative partnership.

“ Hyland understands what our needs are, and they have been able to make the right design decisions, as well as help guide us the right way, to make sure that the solution overall is the right fit for us.”

Hemant Kochhar
Director, Application Development, BI and Mobility CONA

Built on the CONA vision for state-of-the-art service delivery, and the Hyland team’s expertise in project management, advanced capture, and content services consulting and development, this partnership enabled CONA to succeed.

Scaling infrastructure and adjusting performance ahead of its significant growth, the teams completed the successful roll out of solutions to 12 independent bottlers — representing 95 percent of Coca Cola products distributed in North America today — on time.

Solution highlights include: 

  • Cross-functional document capture, storage and delivery, automated and integrated with SAP 
  • Regular Health Checks to evaluate infrastructure and performance as the implementation scales 
  • Low-code solutions for SAP integration enables rapid rollout with minimal SAP development 
  • Solutions leverage automated workflows integrated with SAP, automated indexing and data set lookup, Single sign-on (SSO) integration and mobile capabilities 
  • Hyland’s Staff Augmentation and Outsourced System Administration services ensure daily operations in key areas are well-managed, while the CONA project team focuses on other strategic areas of opportunity and growth

The difference

Trusted advisors and true enduring partnership The “people” part of the CONA and Hyland story is not to be underestimated in its success.

Kochhar said, “They understand what our needs are, and they have been able to make the right design decisions, as well as help guide us the right way, to make sure that the solution overall is the right fit for us.”

  • Willing participation to determine the best path forward: The team is adaptable to pivot strategy depending upon new development ensuring all decisions are made based on what is in CONA’s best interest—the success of its customers.
  • Programmatic methods to ensure optimal performance: Regularly scheduled Health Checks to assess infrastructure and performance, as well as sitevisits to meet with users of all roles, ensure CONA has a close understanding of challenges and is able to quickly provide solutions.
  • Continuous feedback loops including executivelevel vision and support: Close collaboration amongst core team members and key stakeholders, including outsourced teams and executives, enable them to move forward rapidly and successfully.