BlackBag leverages Document Filters to manage content and deliver value

With an unofficial motto of “data doesn’t lie, people do,” BlackBag, a digital forensics solution provider, knew it needed a powerful partner for its product to continue revealing the truth behind the data. 

BlackBag was searching for a partner that would do the heavy lifting of more than just a search solution; it needed extraction that was unhindered by file type and the ability to render high-definition (HD) images. It selected Document Filters, Hyland’s content inspection, extraction, conversion and manipulation software development kit (SDK). 

With Document Filters, BlackBag found it could conveniently supplement its own software and provide its customers with enhanced capabilities, including the ability to:

  • Render and view documents in HD HTML formats
  • Extract multiple types of sub-files and make them visible for evaluation and manipulation
  • Operate “under the hood,” so users would never experience a change from their native application use

When high-tech solution providers need to advance their own offerings but don’t want to spend the time and resources building expansive patches, Document Filters can quickly and efficiently step in. 

Download the BlackBag customer success story to learn more about how Document Filters brought value to this data-obsessed company.