Data capture software

Automatically extract, classify and validate data

Information enters your organization at an incredible rate and in a dizzying number of formats. Trying to keep up with manual document classification and data entry alone is next to impossible. That’s why so many organizations are turning to data capture solutions.

Data capture systems automatically classify your important business documents, extract and validate critical information, and then update your core business systems. In doing so, they empower your organization to reduce the manual steps surrounding document processing to create benefits that include:

  • Accelerated business processes through automation
  • Improved service through immediate access to up-to-date information
  • Increased time for staff to dedicate to higher-value tasks

Data capture toolkit

Data capture software takes advantage of a number of different tools to accurately identify and extract the important information that fuels your business, including:

Embracing these data extraction tools increases efficiencies and accelerates processes across your organization. The tools give your organization the competitive edge you need along with the flexibility and scalability necessary to meet evolving business needs. You can apply data capture software to a variety of business processes – wherever manual document sorting and manual data entry create bottlenecks.

When looking towards the future and building your digital transformation strategy, keep in mind that the critical first step in every process is information capture. Eliminate unnecessary manual steps from the start with data capture technology.

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