Funeral Directors Life


Kyle Swearingen, director of engineering, Funeral Directors Life Insurance

We’re kind of a unique insurance company. We sell pre-need funerals through funeral homes to families.

Some of the departments we’re using OnBase in include our Marketing department and our Claims department. In Marketing, it handles our lead generation requests. In Claims, it handles getting funeral homes set up on direct deposit for their claims.

One of the high-level benefits of using OnBase for us was taking the direct deposit form that our funeral homes fill out. They can input their bank account information, the routing number – you can even sign it, straight from the Unity Form. It goes into a workflow where we can use an API, where we can click just one ad hoc task and it creates that direct deposit inside our system. Saves about seven minutes off that process. We even save $4.36 per claim, and we do about 27,000 claims a year, so we’re getting a large savings there. We had about 130 funeral homes go on it in the first month.

Even on the lead generation side, we had about five or six different PDFs that we brought into one Unity Form. It was kind of a back and forth process where our agents in the field would fill out the request, send it in, we’d send back changes, and we’d kind of go back and forth. Now we have a Unity Form that they can’t really make mistakes on.

We want to put OnBase throughout the entire organization. We want it for all of our internal users running internal processes all the way out to our field agents and funeral homes.