How exposed are you? Are you educating your members and employees about online security?

While we strive for digital transformation today and look forward to InsurTech’s promise of a revolutionary tomorrow, insurers must not forget that information security is vital in the here and now. 

Modern digital systems and procedures must be fully secure to retain the trust of agents and insureds, and to protect companies from liability.

It’s time to ask the question, “How exposed are you?” Are you educating your members and employees about online security?

Security is about access and control. Who has access to information and what can they do with it?

For your insureds, especially Millennials, access and control means making coverage changes, answering questions, and purchasing products online whenever they want, from their device of choice – safely and securely.

Help them help you by educating your insureds about your information management strategy. Then teach them how they can take steps to improve their own account security.

Then turn to your employees. Make sure your information management strategy intelligently manages access controls, giving users the information they need to get their jobs done without compromising security.

Consider having development design security controls that limit user permissions to the minimum needed in order to do their job. This approach minimizes the risk of intentional or unintentional exposure without hindering the user’s productivity.

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