Document Capture Software Solutions

Document imaging and scanning with OnBase

OnBase document capture software works with almost any scanning device, from the all-in-one printer devices suitable for scanning single pages, to production scanners capable of imaging thousands of pages per hour.

Just as scanners come in sizes to meet various needs, OnBase has a variety of scanning solutions designed to meet your requirements for any location.

  • High-volume batch scanning – Capture hundreds or thousands of documents daily at remote offices and centralised locations.
  • Low-volume and ad-hoc scanning – Scan documents as they come in to your organisation, using the devices most convenient for your users and organisation.
  • Automated data capture Minimise manual data entry using technologies like optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition (ICR) and barcodes. Brainware by Hyland also provides intelligent classification and extraction capabilities for both structured and semi-structured documents.

Beyond paper: Document capture software for electronic content

It’s not just paper documents that should be captured and centralised within your enterprise content management (ECM) system. Your electronic business information is often scattered across file shares, email inboxes, Microsoft SharePoint sites, fax servers and other business systems.

Document capturing software allows you to manage all related documents together in one system.

  • Integration for Microsoft Outlook – Enable users to capture emails and attachments when they’re received, instantly associating them a relevant folder, case or business transaction.
  • Email OnBase automatically captures, classifies and stores emails and attachments sent to centralised addresses. These emails can trigger business processes, eliminating costly delays and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Fax servers – By integrating with popular fax servers, OnBase eliminates the need to print faxes and captures them electronically, making them instantly available to appropriate personnel.
  • Mainframes and AS/400 applications – OnBase electronically captures ASCII, PCL, AFP, DJDE, PDF and XML print and data streams generated by these business systems and separates, classifies and indexes the documents automatically.
  • File shares, FTP sites and SharePoint sitesOnBase provides several tools to easily import large volumes of documents stored on network drives or FTP sites using existing text and XML data for identification. Integrations with SharePoint allow documents to be manually or automatically archived into OnBase.
  • “Print” to OnBase –  Stop printing documents just so they can be scanned. Archive documents into OnBase from any application with a print function. By means of a virtual print driver, content found in websites or other business applications is converted to image format and stored in OnBase, and instantly associated with the related information.

Discover more about content capture software

If you’re ready to learn more about OnBase content and data capture capabilities, visit the capture section.