Cut time and costs from purchase requisitions

For Deltek software users, the OnBase solution for purchase requisitions, ReqConnect, manages purchasing requests for your project-based business.

ReqConnect allows Deltek users to create, route and track requisitions electronically. By eliminating manual processing, you speed purchase order (PO) creation and approval – positively influencing the bottom line.

By electronically managing the documents and information that drive purchasing processes, you maximise the benefits of fast and accurate procurement. You also provide control and insight into your organisation’s purchase requisition process while reducing expenditures.

Increase visibility into the purchase requisition process

OnBase easily integrates with your Deltek system, allowing your organisation to:

  • Increase communication between applications
  • Capture information in any format and store it in a single repository
  • Access, review and approve purchase requisitions in one application

Speed up purchase requisitions with automation

Additional features of ReqConnect include:

  • Submit requisitions: Users complete and submit purchase requisitions online
  • Review requisitions: Routes requisitions to designated reviewers based on configured business rules
  • Notifications: Sends automatic email notifications to the requestor, buyer and approvers based on status changes during processing
  • Monitoring and reporting: Maintains a complete audit trail for the requisition, capturing users’ actions and status changes. All audit history can easily be viewed at any time.
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