Customer communications management (CCM) is undergoing a radical change. In today’s competitive and hyper-connected world, having a CCM strategy in place to reduce cost and risk is no longer enough — new market realities and technologies are pushing organizations to shift their priorities toward increasing business value through improved customer experience (CX).

In fact, CX emerged as the top priority for two-thirds of organizations in a global survey, outpacing other customer communications concerns including mobile engagement and personalization. Responding to these changes, organizations are embracing customer experience management (CXM) by crafting coordinated communications strategies that transform consumer messages into one cohesive, interactive experience. 

But as with other transformation initiatives, evolving your customer communications strategy into CXM interactive experiences will require strategic thinking and savvy investment. In this whitepaper by London-based CXM strategy firm Aspire, we highlight key insights including:

The forces behind the CCM market evolution and today’s emerging ecosystem 

Strategic and logistic obstacles businesses may encounter along their CXM transformation journey

Four characteristics of CCM investments that shape better customer experiences

The importance of securing a trusted transformation partner

Besides a better understanding of customer behavior and the ability to provide instant and personally relevant communications, improving customer experience management has far-reaching benefits to your organization. Research has shown that CX leaders are able to retain existing customers better, have lower service cost, and are generally more profitable than CX laggards.

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