OnBase Accelerator for Guidewire PolicyCentre®

Increase efficiency with the OnBase Integration for Guidewire PolicyCentre

How do underwriters excel at their jobs? Experience – coupled with the right tools that allow them to effectively review a risk, assess options and have a complete view of all supporting documentation related to a submission, all of which they can access from an easy-to-use interface. The more information available, the more satisfied and productive they will be. This is possible with the OnBase Accelerator for Guidewire PolicyCentre from Hyland.

Drive more business: simple things go a long way

At times, it is difficult to keep up with operational demands and effectively manage the quote process. Focusing too much on either creates the potential to lose business.

OnBase helps solve that problem by complementing and extending the features of Guidewire. Users access documents stored in OnBase from within the familiar PolicyCentre interface. OnBase automatically creates activity records within the PolicyCentre administration system, saving underwriters time and allowing them to perform more important tasks.

Then, to automate business processes, activities in PolicyCentre prompt OnBase to initiate ancillary processes, such as correspondence, or requests for supporting documentation, and so forth.

Measurement and other benefits

Underwriting is a sales process, and exemplary tools provide increased visibility into, and improved access to, information throughout that process. Add the ability to monitor internal controls and identify patterns of inconsistency, organisations can greatly enhance underwriting profitability. OnBase for Guidewire provides dashboard views, business activity monitoring and analytical data that create a stronger approach to underwriting. Here are some further benefits:

  • Point-and-click configurable components provide out-of-the-box configuration with no code or API programming
  • An integration approach that allows customers to upgrade their PolicyCentre system independently of their OnBase upgrades, ensuring the connectors will work across the various versions of OnBase and PolicyCentre