Intelligent Capture

The key to truly intelligent automation

Get the most value from your automation strategy: Begin as soon as information enters your business.

Intelligent capture is the critical first step in an end-to-end automation strategy, going beyond basic data extraction and classification. It validates the data, speeds process completion, cuts costs, reduces human error and allows for a truly paperless workplace.

When combined with other digital transformation efforts, digital capture kicks off other automation processes. It helps you collect, organize and process information the moment it arrives. It doesn’t stop at just reading the data on a document — it employs advanced technology to drive higher accuracy through document classification, data extraction and validation processes, regardless of whether documents come in digitally, typed or handwritten.

“Much like the human mind, intelligent capture tools use pattern recognition, not templates, to recognize and interpret information on a document.”

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Intelligent capture and OCR

Optical character recognition (OCR) technology recognizes printed or written text from a scanned document or image file. OCR solutions are part of the data capture process and reduce the need for manual document sorting and data entry.

Intelligent capture takes data extraction to the next level, using the power of automation to digitize content entry and streamline downstream business processes organization-wide.

Unstructured information causes data disorganization and confusion. Intelligent capture can bring order to the chaos – but before you conquer your chaos, you must first understand and address it.

Address the chaos

The answers to these four questions can tell you where your organization lands on the information capture spectrum:

Are you receiving important information on paper? Do you have information scattered across disconnected, electronic silos? Is information stuck in the hands of mobile employees? Do you have staff devoted to document sorting and data entry?

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Conquer the chaos

The experts at AIIM gathered four strategies to conquer information chaos after surveying leaders at business of all sizes and industries. For many, the “volume, velocity, and variety of information [they] need to manage, store, and protect now exceeds their ability to even marginally keep pace.”

Sound familiar? Discover four strategies to conquer information chaos