Hyland Integrations for Ellucian

Seamless integration for a complete student view

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Hyland Integrations for Ellucian

Integrating your Ellucian applications with a Hyland content services platform helps unify your student, employee and vendor data across the entire campus. This seamless integration creates a single source of truth to provide a complete student view, while reducing manual data entry and preventing the duplication of work and data.

To achieve this, Hyland platforms offer the following direct integrations with its content services platforms:

  • Hyland Integration for Ellucian Ethos Connect
  • Hyland Integration for Banner by Ellucian
  • Hyland Integration for Colleague by Ellucian

Connecting content services and your Ellucian ecosystem

Using Ethos as the integration layer between your Hyland solutions and Ellucian student information system (SIS) gives your institution access to a toolbox of APIs that eliminate the need for custom integrations. The Hyland Ethos Integration automates common tasks like indexing student documents, populating form data and updating checklists to eliminate unnecessary manual entry and provide immediate data validation. This all ensures that no matter how student information arrives at your institution, it remains up to date and accurate in every system, getting you the most out of your technology investment.

By automating these steps and connecting your systems, this Ellucian integration:

  • Removes the risk of conflicting data across systems
  • Reduces manual data entry and duplicated work
  • Immediately brings attention to missing or incorrect data

Get an idea of how it works: 

Extend the value of your Ellucian SIS

Your main solution for managing student data is your Banner or Colleague SIS. But if it is disconnected from your institution’s other business systems and information sources, it creates manual, error-prone and labor-intensive processes that slow decision making in your admissions, financial aid and registrar’s offices.

Integrating your Ellucian SIS with a Hyland content services platform removes these manual processes and increases efficiency campus-wide. The solution accomplishes this by:

  • Connecting the two systems and sharing documents and data between them, creating a single, central location for all information
  • Updating checklists and decisions updates in Colleague in real time
  • Automating predictable tasks and freeing up staff to focus on core job functions

When you leverage the integration for Banner or Colleague, you bring data from your SIS to support decisions-making and send those decisions back to the SIS. This protects your Ellucian SIS as the system of record and eliminates the need for staff to check multiple systems to be sure they have all they need in departments such as:

  • Admissions: The integration speeds admit decisions by automatically indexing documents, updating Banner and Colleague checklists and electronically routing the complete applications to the appropriate counselors
  • Financial Aid: The integration supports faster financial verification, supporting compliance and giving confidence during awarding to help protect enrollment numbers
  • Transcript Processing: The integration writes an equivalency decision and the resulting new rule to the SIS so the system is immediately ready to award credit the next time that course is transferred
  • HR: The integration updates document checklists to speed and simplify employee on-boarding and support compliance
Ready to learn more about extending the value of your Ellucian SIS? Reach out to a Hyland expert now