Hyland Withinsight Framework (WIF)

Accelerate the development of custom imaging applications with a flexible toolkit

Hyland Withinsight Framework (WIF) is an advanced platform that accelerates the development of medical image visualization applications. The platform provides visualization, segmentation, registration and navigation functionality to support the development of standalone, thin-client and zero-footprint medical imaging applications. 

Designed to accelerate development

Since its introduction in 2008, WIF has provided leading healthcare companies with a software toolkit that served as the basis for the development of more than 30 applications, ranging from 3D ultrasound to MRI CAD, CTA spine and vessel analysis, and therapy planning and guidance systems.  WIF clinical engines provide an option to enhance existing applications by automating specific clinical tasks. These engines are provided to partners for customization and integration in their clinical application solutions. Currently, these applications are in use in thousands of clinical sites around the world.

Advanced rendering and segmentation

Recent WIF enhancements include advanced rendering, segmentation tools and overall performance, providing partners with powerful technology to meet their evolving needs.  WIF also serves as the foundation for new clinical engines — algorithms built to address specific clinically focused workflow needs. These engines identify medical image visual landmarks and segment organs and structures.  

Hyland showcases several clinical engines, including: 
liver segmentation
lesion segmentation
spine landmark mapping
time series 
multi-modality registration

Support for multi-specialty imaging

WIF was designed to work across specialties providing tools to solve any imaging problem. Along with enhanced segmentation tools, WIF also provides support for additional modalities, including Optical Projection Tomography (OPT) data and multi-dimensional MRI/nuclear medicine, as well as additional registration techniques, while enhancing overall speed and performance.