PACSgear connectivity solutions make it easy to capture, integrate and share vital documents and media with your team. Our innovative technologies enable you to access data, film, video, visible light and other media across any department and from any EPR/PACS.

Healthcare organisations rely on complete views of their patients' information to enable more informed decisions. Connecting all documents and images to the EPR/PACS eliminates information silos and enhances patient outcomes, boosts clinical productivity and accelerates business growth. Access to this information when and where it’s needed is vital.

Our PACSgear connectivity solutions enable you to quickly and easily share information from any department to any EPR/PACS. Healthcare personnel in specialties such as radiology, cardiology, gastroenterology, dermatology, orthopedics and pathology can connect, view and share images and results to enable health information exchange.

With PACSgear, your team can:

  • Capture, view and share medical images and results across the enterprise
  • Easily scan documents and create electronic forms from any department to any EPR/PACS
  • Quickly import and localise images (JPEG/AVI/MPEG) and DICOM CDs/DVDs
  • Connect images and video across OR/Surgery, speech pathology, wound care, dermatology, ED and more
  • Record DICOM compatible media for importing into PACS, referral or legal purposes or patient copy
  • Provide order and worklist information for non-scheduled departments

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