Epic integration

More Epic customers use OnBase than any other content services solution

OnBase integrates with more than 30 Epic modules

OnBase integrates with more than 30 Epic modules, including Epic Canto™/Haiku™ to provide mobile access to a more accurate and comprehensive patient record. And, with a variety of value-added solutions, OnBase brings new capabilities directly to Epic end users – from providing a consolidated view of all patient-related content to viewing DICOM images within the EPR.

Our low-code, single platform solution also integrates with more than 500 other applications to boost user adoption while extending the value of your existing IT investments across your organisation. From Patient Access and Medical Records Management to Human Resources, Turnover Cycle Management and Finance, connecting your entire enterprise has never been easier.

It’s true.

More Epic customers integrate with OnBase than any other content services solution. And we’re proud to say that not a single customer has ever replaced OnBase as an Epic-integrated solution. Why? Because it works.

A pioneer in delivering higher quality care and improved patient experiences

To provide the best possible experience with OnBase and Epic solutions, Hyland began collaborating with Epic in 2003.

Our content services expertise and our understanding of Epic solutions help ensure smooth implementations that come in on time and on budget and, most importantly, help Epic healthcare organisations achieve higher user adoption rates while improving care and patient experiences

From ambulatory and inpatient settings to home health and billing solutions, no other content services platform offers the breadth of integration capabilities or depth of experience as OnBase. 


The OnBase integration for Epic allows healthcare organisations to:

  • Manage content: Whatever the format – forms, faxes, clinical images or videos – OnBase securely captures, stores and manages your content in its native format at the patient, order and encounter levels for improved accuracy and reduced risk of lost or misplaced information.
  • Create one, complete patient-centric record: With the OnBase integration with Epic, clinicians and staff can access all unstructured content not natively captured by Epic, such as wound and dermatology photos, EKGs, pathology results and clinical images, from within this core clinical application. This makes Epic a true single source for patient information, ensuring that more time is spent acting on information rather than looking for it.
  • Deliver the right information to the right people at the right time: OnBase provides authorised users with instant access to information when and where they need it to facilitate more informed decision-making.
  • Automate deficiency tracking, referrals management, subject access request and your organisational checklists: With an OnBase integration with Epic, organisations can utilise native OnBase business process tools to streamline routine tasks in Epic, meeting internal and external regulations to efficiently support departments while increasing productivity.
  • Expand OnBase functionality beyond the Epic platform: Integrating OnBase with ancillary systems (computerised coding, diagnostic solutions, VNAs, ERP solutions, etc.) optimises them and removes “information silos” across the organisation, providing you with an even greater return on investment.

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