Secure Cloud Fax with Hyland partner Consensus Cloud Solutions


eFaxCorporate® by Consensus Cloud Solutions enables healthcare organizations to access, process and exchange actionable healthcare data using HIPAA-compliant digital cloud faxing. The company began operations more than 20 years ago, as part of J2 Global (Ziff Davis) and became an independent public company in October 2021.


  • Provides a cost-effective alternative to fax machines and in-house fax servers
  • Secures exchange of protected health information (PHI) by incorporating nationally and internationally accepted standards including ISO, NIST, PCI, HITECH and HIPAA; validated by the HITRUST CSF Certification
  • Improves staff efficiency by integrating cloud fax into EMR, CRM and ERP workflow via a RESTful enterprise API
  • Streamlines work through intelligent fax routing and printing (if needed) to appropriate departments and in-boxes
  • Supports compliance with HIPAA, PIPEDA, SOX, GLBA, PCI and other regulations through audit trails and secure transmission options

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