Integrated ERP

Simplify processes with ERP integration

Across the country, governments are under pressure to overhaul or retire legacy accounting and human resource systems. To modernise, many agencies turn to ERP systems like PeopleSoft®, SAP®, Oracle, JD Edwards® and Infor Lawson. However, many of the processes these ERPs manage — like invoice processing, procurement tasks, contract management, credentialing and certifications — also rely on documents. Switching between paper and data systems not only slows down staff but creates more work for them, including taking time to make photocopies and use intra-office mail to transport documents, further slowing down processes. Paper also derails another government trend, transparency — constituents, vendors and staff are challenged to know the status of transactions and processes when they are buried in paper documents or tracked in dozens of manual tracking systems created by overworked staff.

Hyland integrated ERP solutions connect ERP systems with related documents, automating processes and creating transparency for financial and human resources tasks. This provides decision-makers with complete visibility into processes, providing audit trails, real-time reporting and executive dashboards. Capture documents immediately and extract data to reduce or eliminate indexing. Then, with Hyland workflows, notify, view, route and manage documents directly from ERP screens, allowing staff to work in their familiar work environment.