Electronic Records Management and Information Governance

Increase compliance, control, and visibility with automated records management across the federal enterprise

With ever-increasing government regulations and mandates, a wide range of documents and files must be securely locked down, treated as agency records, and maintained to ensure compliance with specific procedures and disposition rules.

While nearly anything can be considered a record, the most common subjects of records management include both electronic and physical documents, videos, audio files, images, and other types of content. Documents need to be managed across the entire record lifecycle from creation through disposition in compliance with required schedules.

But securely managing the volume of records that are likely dispersed across multiple repositories and systems is no easy task.

Federal agencies need an integrated, open solution that digitally manages all of your records and automates processes to increase compliance, control, and visibility─so you can always find the information you need, when you need it.

Ensure Compliance with M-19-21 Paperless Mandate

Government agencies are facing a fast-approaching deadline to meet M-19-21, a mandate set by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to accelerate agencies’ transition to a fully electronic records management system. The directive details how records need to be created, managed, and maintained in electronic format by 2022.

Hyland’s enterprise content services platform and comprehensive records management capabilities can help your agency meet the deadline.

Speed Digitization Across the Record Lifecycle

With Hyland’s solutions, agencies can speed the digitization of legacy records while accelerating modernization with automated processes and increased efficiencies:

  • Capture and access documents from anywhere
  • Accelerate reviews and decision-making with automated workflows and document routing
  • Gain centralized control over content and records that are distributed across disparate systems
  • Eliminate manual data entry tasks that require time-consuming, human intervention by deploying robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Safeguard information through granular control over user access permissions, security classifications, and security marks

All documents are automatically declared records within the system─enabling your agency to electronically manage the entire record lifecycle from capture through file disposition and document destruction in accordance with the appropriate retention schedules. And it’s the only platform certified to the DOD’s 5015.02 Chapter 3 standard for both classified and unclassified electronic records.

By deploying a strategy that leverages Hyland’s enterprise content services platform and proven expertise in federal records management, agencies can meet the NARA directive in the near term, comply with evolving standards, and become more efficient for the long term.