Corporate Assistance Solutions

Enhance processes with automation and modernization

Businesses need to communicate and interact with federal government agencies for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s shipping hazardous materials, applying for grants, licenses or permits, or submitting required documentation, progress can easily get bogged down when paper-based, manual processes are the standard operating procedure.

Enable quicker, more convenient experiences

Using Hyland’s content services platform, the federal government can leverage capabilities such as intelligent capture, process automation, file sync and share, and case management solutions. These process optimizations create more efficient operations and a more seamless experience.

Hyland’s comprehensive digital capabilities allow agencies to:

  • Provide businesses with the ability to submit applications and documents via online forms and web portals to speed processing
  • Automate and configure workflow and document routing for reviews and approvals
  • Digitize paper documents and securely store all types of documents in a secure, central online content repository
  • Automatically identify document deficiency and auto-generate personalized correspondence
  • Enable mobile capture and completion of forms, and allow for access from any location
  • Eliminate paper distribution processes and lack of visibility
  • Adhere to documentation compliance guidelines – including submission, numbering and approvals
  • Ensure complete auditability of document processing and lifecycle