Mortgage servicing software solutions

Manage regulatory changes and lower loan servicing costs

In a Fitch Ratings servicer roundtable event at the end of Q4 2017, “79 per cent of the Fitch-rated servicers agreed that regulatory compliance is prioritised ahead of loan performance management and 89 per cent agreed that regulation has made loan performance management more difficult.”

The result of this tough regulatory environment is loan servicing costs that continue to rise.

A mortgage servicing system that provides value and agility

Hyland offers a mortgage servicing platform that use advanced technology, like intelligent capture, automated workflow and integration with external core systems, to lessen the burden of regulatory compliance while freeing up staff and resources to focus on performance management and customer service.

Many loan servicing software point solutions are aimed at assisting servicers with particular tasks, but only a robust content services platform solution can provide the value and agility it takes for loan servicers to cut overall servicing costs, increase margins and provide the customer service necessary to keep loans performing.