Member services software solutions for credit unions

Using technology to gain a competitive advantage

By capturing documents – and information – electronically and then storing and managing that information in a secure, central repository, Hyland content services solutions help you rely less on paper. That cuts storage, shipping and courier costs. And employees have instant access to documents and information with a few mouse-clicks while staying in the applications they use every day.

Taking it to the next level, you can easily create powerful workflows to automatically route complete and accurate electronic documentation through processes, notifying key stakeholders along the way. Increasing the speed and accuracy of important processes like loan originations is better for everybody involved – both employees and members. 

Not only does a robust content services solution allow faster access to information to answer member inquiries quicker than your competition, but it also guarantees consistent and timely management and disposition of documents. This facilitates easier audits and ensures compliance with internal and external standards. 

Improve your member service, increase your sales opportunities

Hyland helps you tie together disjointed processes across your credit union, connecting your main branch and member files to all of your other branches. You easily share information across departments and branch offices and automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks so your employees focus on delivering better service to your members. Instead of waiting for answers, they have time to turn those conversations into an opportunity to talk about new products and services your credit union offers. 

From online transactions to in-person interactions, you meet members’ needs faster and more securely. Your employees access documents and content right from their core system through Hyland content services. Members wait less and your staff spends less time searching through stacks of paper. That’s a competitive advantage.