Card services for credit unions

Improve member services, reduce risk and maintain compliance with this card services software solution

In a world that is continuing to push toward less paper, increased convenience, and higher availability of services like mobile and online banking, many members prefer to hold on to their banking and debit cards. They may offer tremendous convenience, but without having the proper tools on the back end to manage the data and information those cards generate, they can provide some big pains for credit unions. 

Hyland provides content services solutions to handle any number of tasks within card services, from the most mundane to the most process intensive. In many cases, electronic forms can replace the paper forms used by credit unions today. Hyland's card services software solution then routes those forms through both new card requests as well card maintenance requests (new card requests, PIN change requests, add/modify/delete authorised users, and so forth). 

But there is more to card services than just processing paper. As more consumers rely on EFTs, and less on cash and cheques, this has led to an increase in the number of error claims for financial institutions. Data management is critical, and a robust solution helps not only manage the documents, but also manage the data that is required when processing EFTs. 

Stay ahead of evolving regulations 

Making sure that all relevant information is captured when claims are reported, meeting member notice requirements and record keeping requirements are just a small part of Regulation E. Hyland helps credit unions maintain accuracy, visibility and, most importantly, consistency in your Regulation E processes to ensure that all of the proper steps are being followed around data collection, helping to minimise the potential risks and associated costs and fines with making mistakes. 

 Support exceptional member service

Hyland also helps your credit union maintain the level of member satisfaction you've worked hard to achieve. Is your member leaving the country for work or vacation? Chances are their cards are going with them. But how will you know if those cards are riding along in the pockets of your members or in the pockets of someone else? 

With Hyland's content services solutions, you set up processes that allow your members to simply fill in a short form on your website or make a quick call to a member service rep to proactively notify your card services department of any upcoming travel plans. This minimises the potential for fraud alerts or red flags that temporarily block or even shut down your member’s card and eases the administrative burden on your staff.