5 Components Necessary for Solution Expansion Success

Thank you for joining this workshop, where we will:

  1. Walk you through the Expansion Readiness Scorecard (complete this at any time before or during the workshop),
  2. Determine a score that identifies where you are in your content management journey, and
  3. Help you craft a plan to extend the capabilities or reach of your existing Hyland solutions,tailored for your organization's current stage in enterprise information maturity.

Download and complete the scorecard, then click on any of the 10 minute workshop components below to begin

Complete the short components in any order.

Expansion Readiness Scorecard

Assess your readiness to move forward with enterprise content and information management expansion. Please answer each question (front and back of the scorecard) for evaluation in the workshop to determine where your organization falls in maturity on each of these five areas.

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10 Minute Workshop Components:


The role of the sponsor is to provide clear direction linked to strategy, secure project resources to manage the day-to-day aspects of the project, provide feedback and remove roadblocks for the project team, and champion the project at the executive level.


The team is composed of many individuals – it’s not just the Sponsors and the IT team – it also includes project managers, analysts, business unit owners and users. The team needs to be the most knowledgeable of the program and must be prepared for needs that evolve with the growth of the solutions.


Infrastructure is all about the stability of the underlying architecture, including ongoing security strategies. Does the overarching infrastructure plan align with other critical business systems or is it supported on its own? Infrastructure alignment supports and encourages security, scalability and interoperability and is critical for long-term growth and success.


In the alignment workshop we’ll cover alignment amongst team members, users, and stakeholders. Specifically we’ll be identifying key areas for success, including project buy-in, sharing information across departments and prioritizing the number of projects. How do you respond to project and/or task requests for system enhancements and improvements?


This topic takes a look at specific tactics for managing your information management strategy. Is the process to move projects forward where you want it to be? We’ll cover areas like success measures, project plans and roles, as well as the process to identify and develop new solutions—including end-user communications and involvement.