Upgrade your technology—and your business

Check out the resources below to understand the many benefits of upgrading, and how partnering with Hyland Global Services ensures a seamless, customized approach to your next upgrade.

Strategy and Delivery Series Whitepaper

Do you know the right strategies and solutions to bring your content services into the digital age? Download our new white paper to get in-depth industry research and insights to help you achieve true transformation..

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Upgrade Services Overview

Working with Hyland Global Services guarantees an upgrade process that will help evolve your business. Here’s how it works.

Upgrade with Confidence

Want expert support for an upgrade, at whatever scale you need? Here’s a look at Hyland Global Services’ offerings, features and benefits.

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Why We Continually Enhance OnBase

With every release, the OnBase platform becomes more powerful and more configurable. See exactly what you get with every upgrade.

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Your Next Upgrade: When to do it yourself and when to get help

Thinking about upgrading, but not sure how to start? The Hyland Global Services team put together this webinar to help you decide which approach is best for you.

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Seven Ways to Make Your Upgrade Easier

Upgrades can be difficult. Check out our tips to mitigate the risk and maximize the return.

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