Integration Partners

Integration Partners

Hyland Software partners with technology solution providers that enhance the value of OnBase. The complementary technology these companies represent has passed compatibility assurance so you know these hardware and software vendors’ products will successfully integrate with OnBase. 


From home health care to clinical and back office departments, Hyland’s integration with Allscripts provides solutions to help improve clinical and financial outcomes. 

Autonomy Idol

The OnBase Full-Text Indexing Server for Autonomy IDOL (12) provides a simple, unified interface for retrieving textual information stored in OnBase. This integration extends native OnBase search capabilities to both structured and unstructured data. Advanced searches can be performed based on both document keywords and words or phrases that exist within OnBase documents to quickly and easily locate relevant content. 

Duck Creek

Duck Creek delivers comprehensive P&C insurance software on-premise or via Duck Creek On-Demand, a Software as a Service offering. The configurable components are designed to work as a complete end-to-end solution or as stand-alone components that adapt quickly and seamlessly to handle the unique needs of insurers of all sizes. With our advanced software capabilities, we enable our clients to make better decisions in a real-time environment, streamline operations and improve their level of customer service. 
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Hyland Software and Esri have partnered to provide a solution that lets users meet their geographic information solutions (GIS) needs with one easily supported application. OnBase supports the latest Esri GIS technology with ArcGIS Silverlight Viewer and Silverlight API-based apps, as well as web services to support integration with ArcGIS Flex and JavaScript API-based applications.

The use of ESRI has exploded across government, healthcare, insurance and the natural resource industries. With Hyland’s Esri integrations, users have access to documents and content directly from Esri maps. Quickly connecting users with documents, photos, audio, video and workflow options to accelerate the decision-making process.


OnBase for Guidewire is the only ECM solution with full integration to Guidewire and is supported by its PartnerConnect Programme.  Seamlessly and securely working together, OnBase and Guidewire offer complete processing, intelligently linking all related information to a claim or policy and presenting it in a way most efficient to the users. 
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Integrating OnBase and Merge adds value to your Electronic Patient Record, clinical information systems and medical images by bringing context and full access to the EHR within your native work environment.


By integrating OnBase and Oracle, documents are matched with their corresponding data and transactions. Custom coding is not required to connect the systems, enabling organisations to reap the benefits immediately. 


Pairing OnBase with Docufide® by Parchment™, the leading provider of academic credential solutions, offers an end-to-end transfer capture and credit evaluation solution for colleges and universities. 


The OnBase Integration for Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise enables users to manage documents right from the PeopleSoft interface. Users can view relevant documents with the click of a button – without searching or opening another application. This integration also syncs the data between systems, ensuring the most up-to-date information is available. 


Hundreds of Hyland Software customers integrate SAP with OnBase to improve business processes and connect content to critical SAP data to streamline processes across departments.


Integrating OnBase with Workday consolidates and streamlines your information. OnBase connects critical content with Workday transactions, ensuring staff have the most up-to-date information to complete business processes. Every OnBase solution shares common core features including cloud or on-premises deployment options, mobile capabilities, easy integration options and security controls over your information.
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