By partnering with Hyland Healthcare, your organization can leverage an industry-leading content services platform that manages unstructured documents, photos, multi-media and medical images. It enables you to:

  • Expand functionality and revenue within your customer base
  • Integrate unstructured content within clinical systems and business processes
  • Improve patient outcomes and reduce costs
  • Speed time to market with innovative solutions
  • Enhance your competitive advantage
  • Simplify interfacing new functionality to and from upstream and downstream systems through FHIR, HL7, EDI or Hyland’s REST APIs.

Industry-leading content services platform

Hyland Healthcare offers innovative content services solutions that can:

  • Capture unstructured content, enabling enterprise management of data, documents and processes, while integrating with your existing systems
  • Rapidly configure new applications to manage content, processes and work, while complementing core systems
  • Automatically classify and extract data from large volumes of unstructured document images and native files
  • Manage and deliver multimedia content with centralized storage, security and streaming to care teams

Strategic enterprise imaging solutions

Hyland Healthcare's enterprise imaging solutions help your customers:

  • Consolidate and centrally manage disparate medical images
  • Capture, manage, view and securely share all imaging-related content
  • Accelerate the development of standalone, thin-client and zero-footprint medical imaging applications
  • Provide workflow optimization with equitable distribution of studies
  • Enhance clinical decision-making with interactive viewing of diagnostic-quality medical images with a zero footprint, enterprise, diagnostic viewer

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Partnership Options 

"Storing a growing number of digital images is a key strategy for us. We could not do it as effectively and cost efficiently without Hyland. We are very happy with the solution and continue to look for ways to deepen our collaboration."

Patric Nilson, Head of Healthcare Solutions and Specialist Products, TietoEVRY

"We have worked with Hyland for many years, as a strategic partner on a global scale. OnBase makes everything interoperable for cost savings and a reduction of time.  We are very satisfied with Hyland's OnBase, it's simply great."

Elia Rachon, Healthcare Manager, Konica Minolta