Hyland Integration for Esri ArcGIS

Put your agency's information on the map

Geographic information system (GIS) solutions revolutionized the way federal agencies review and analyze data. Using geospatial information to plan and manage infrastructure and assets empowers organizations to drive policy decisions that affect everything from public health to programs to defense and intelligence work.

But even with that power, information trapped on paper and the related manual processes they create are slow and consume staff time that could be used for more important initiatives. It also means important information is stored inconveniently and disconnected from the powerful GIS solutions and analysis tools they offer.

Integrating a Hyland content services platform with Esri ArcGIS puts your documents on the map. Instead of searching multiple locations to find necessary information, GIS users access supporting documents right from the maps they use, enabling them to efficiently work in the interface they are most comfortable with. Integration to content services eliminates paper processing, automates processes and provides simultaneous access to documents that require reviews by multiple staff members.

Combining the power of your Esri solutions with all the content your organization relies on gives staff the information they need to be efficient and make the right decisions – in the office or in the field.