OCR Invoice Capture Solution

Go beyond traditional invoice OCR for faster, more accurate invoice data capture software

The key to your AP department’s digital transformation is more cost-effective and efficient invoice processing. Invoice data capture software automates the classification, extraction and validation of data from any type of invoice resulting in faster invoice cycles and lower costs than traditional invoice scanning and invoice OCR technology. In fact, with intelligent capture for invoices, many AP departments achieve straight-through processing for most invoices, allowing staff to focus on handling exceptions and transforming AP with more value-added tasks.

Eliminate manual entry with invoice data capture software

No matter how invoices arrive – by fax, mail, email, EDI, etc. – Hyland's accounts payable solution captures invoices electronically using OCR invoice scanning or advanced intelligent data capture software. Without templates, anchors, keywords or zones, Brainware by Hyland eliminates manual data entry by automating PO-based invoices to achieve true touchless processing, and automating GL-coding for non-PO invoices so they automatically enter approval workflow.

Hyland combines intelligent capture, advanced AP workflow and seamless integration with your ERP to form a complete invoice processing system. Increase the amount of data you capture per invoice while lowering costs and shortening cycle times to take advantage of more supplier discounts and positively impact your bottom line.

Benefits of intelligent capture for invoices

  • Increase AP staff productivity and reduce errors
  • Achieve touchless invoice processing
  • Improve supplier relationships
  • Shorten invoice cycle times
  • Increase visibility and control in AP

Ready to transform even the most costly, error-prone AP processes into turnover-generating operations?