ShareBase Edit for Microsoft Office

ShareBase Edit for Microsoft Office

ShareBase allows users to edit Office documents with Microsoft Office for the web.

With ShareBase Edit for Microsoft Office, users can edit Office documents directly in the web browser and collaborate on files in real time. Each user who is concurrently editing a document will see other users’ edits as they happen. When the last user closes the Microsoft Office editing window, ShareBase creates a new version of the document with everyone’s changes.

ShareBase Edit requires a separate Microsoft Office work or school account. ShareBase users cannot log in to Microsoft Office to edit ShareBase document using a personal Microsoft Office account.

This feature is only available to ShareBase deployments in the US data center at this time.

Enabling ShareBase Edit for Microsoft Office

To allow your users to edit ShareBase documents with Microsoft Office for the web, log in to ShareBase Administration.

In ShareBase Administration, navigate to the Details page.

On the Deployment Details page, there is an option named Enable ShareBase Edit for Microsoft Office. Select this option to enable the feature for all of your users. Regardless of whether this option is enabled, users still have the option of using ShareBase Desktop to connect to their locally installed Microsoft Office applications for editing purposes.

Editing ShareBase documents with Microsoft Office for the web

A new edit option, Edit with Office, is displayed if a file format is supported for edit in Microsoft Office for the web. Editing support is limited based on the file size and file format. For example, most Microsoft Office file formats are supported with the exception of Office 97-2003 Document or Template.

Office File Format

File Size Limit







When a user views an Office document in ShareBase, the Edit button provides options to either Edit in ShareBase Desktop or Edit in Office.

The same options are displayed when a user right-clicks on an Office document within a folder.

Once Edit in Office is selected, a new browser tab opens the selected document in Microsoft Office for the web. Depending on the browser’s settings, the user may have to allow ShareBase to open pop-up windows.

Before the user can edit the document in Office, the user needs to authenticate with Microsoft using a work or school account. Personal accounts cannot be used to edit ShareBase documents. This login prompt is not displayed if the user has an active session or saved credentials on the browser.

While editing the document in the Microsoft Office edit window, the user does not need to keep the document open in ShareBase.

Multiple ShareBase users can edit a single document at the same time as long as they have Edit permissions. Microsoft Office for the web displays the active users in the upper-right corner, and their cursors are labeled with the color indicated.

The top of the Microsoft Office edit window displays the ShareBase file name and the status of the document. Saved means that Microsoft Office has saved a draft of this document for when you are done editing. If only one user is editing the document, Microsoft Office saves the document back to ShareBase once the user closes the edit window. If multiple users are editing the document concurrently, Microsoft Office saves the document back to ShareBase once the last user closes the edit window.

Once the Microsoft Office edit window is closed, users can see their changes in ShareBase by either navigating back to the document that they edited or refreshing the page. Even though many edits may have occurred or multiple ShareBase users have edited the document at the same time, only one version of the document is saved back to ShareBase. If a document is open in a Microsoft Office edit window for long periods of time, ShareBase may save a version of that document periodically.


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