Staff Augmentation Services

There is no need to hire permanent staff for a temporary technical resource

“The software is great, but the people are even better.”
— James Petelin, Systems Analyst Civista Bank

As your implementation evolves over time, periodically you’ll encounter a situation where you’ve defined a strategic project, but don’t have all of the staff resources available at that time to execute on the project.

Because the reality is, most IT teams are managing multiple projects as a standard practice. It can be very easy to miss a key opportunity simply because of a lack of manpower. Or because in-house staff don’t have the expertise in a required niche specialty for the project.

And opportunities don’t have an infinite shelf life.

Should you find yourself faced with a temporary need for Hyland expertise outside of your of your day-to-day team, our Staff Augmentation services are available.

Our experts are available to you for project work when you need an extra set of hands 

Our Hyland professionals join your team for the duration you need, and provide the expertise that meets your project requirements. There’s also an entire network of people here at Hyland ready to support them if needed.

Keep initiatives moving forward with the right expert in the role you need, when you need it.

Common niche areas requested for Staff Augmentation include:

  • Workflow and WorkView/Case Manager projects
  • Upgrades
  • Expansions/add-ons
  • Advanced Capture
  • One-time backlog document scanning projects
  • Project management

Our Staff Augmentation resources will work at your direction based on the tasks
you assign.

Learn by working side by side with content services experts

Our goal is to support your efforts and make your team self-sufficient and highly proficient. When you engage our services, you benefit from our collective experience, our proven history, and our honed methodologies, including documented routines.

Our professionals also have valuable subtle skills, like understanding how to talk to
end users and project stakeholders throughout the organisation to encourage
useful feedback.

Trust our experts for this critical project work and keep initiatives moving forward.