Custom Integrations

Provide secure, reliable access to the information your users need, <br>from the interfaces they expect

Interoperability is more critical for organisations in every industry than ever before. With technology evolving at the pace of today’s digital evolution, business processes must keep up with the demand for instant access to enterprise information—regardless of how many legacy systems it is spread across.

You can’t afford delays to time-sensitive processes while people are searching for missing information.

When you connect your Hyland content services solutions to your existing line-of business systems, you provide instant access to the documents and data your users need from the systems they are used to using.

This gives your users the time and confidence in their work processes to focus on what is most important for your business and the people you serve.

Ensure custom integrations are using the best methods for performance, security and user experience

Every day our API and integration experts build case management solutions for customers that provide real time, two-way integrations for the exchange of documents and data. Our enterprise solution architects use the best methods in WorkView Case Manager and automated workflows for business processes, integrating with enterprise systems like:

  • SAP®
  • Infor Lawson™
  • PeopleSoft®
  • Datatel®
  • Workday®
  • Salesforce®

This turns complex time-sensitive business processes into profoundly positive
user experiences.

Self-service access to information and cases for your internal users and customers

Between 30% and 40% of the custom solutions we deploy each year are for repeat customers.

We deliver to many customers self-service web portal solutions that allow their customers and vendors to quickly access documents related to their accounts from a familiar web page, portal or kiosk. 

These offerings use E-Forms and document management workflows with custom decisioning components that engage third-party system work, for faster transactions and shortened service delivery times.

Our experts quickly create custom solutions that meet the needs of your business processes and transform the experiences of your users.