Change Management

Overcome one of the biggest challenges to digital transformation, right out of the gate

People are as important to enterprise solution success as the business processes you are improving and the technology you are implementing. Hyland’s services provide a structured approach to managing both your projects and the adoption of enterprise solutions, including their impact on people within your organisation.

Our Change Management consultants provide the guidance, tools, training and techniques proven to manage the people side of change. These exercises minimise risk, as well as resource and time commitments required of your teams.

In short, we help you make user adoption as easy as it can possibly be.

From project management milestones that keep user impact in mind, to testing and training methods, to effective communication strategies that inspire all roles in your workforce, we help ensure your enterprise solutions are a success.

Change management consulting that encourages user adoption

You’ll always find staff who are resistant to change, especially if it involves processes that impact their daily work. When implementing any enterprise solution there will be functional day-to-day changes in individual roles, processes and technology.

We have learned from our nearly 20,000 customers that project success rates significantly increase when the people who are impacted understand what is changing and why.

Achieve desired business outcomes

Our change management consulting services provide a structured approach to managing the adoption of Hyland content management solutions and their impact on people. We understand that even small adjustments can have a big impact on employee happiness and user adoption.

Our change management consultants use proven methods to:

  1. Align leaders and key individuals who will be impacted
  2. Manage risk and impact
  3. Provide strategic communications
  4. Provide custom training as needed
We’ll ensure that people with authority and influence visibly lead the change, motivating others and ensuring the success of your implementation.