Workflow Solution

Learn what a workflow solution is and how you can determine if you need a workflow solution

Workflow management automates business processes allowing work to be shared efficiently between workers. It matches work tasks with the workers that can best do them.

In a higher education admissions setting, for example, this would mean that, after a university application was electronically inputted into the workflow automation software solution, it would be electronically routed to the appropriate staff person. That might be based on workload, specialisation or any other factor the university decided.

How workflow management software works

Supporting material – transcripts, essays and so forth – in electronic form would follow along and be easily retrievable, freeing the staffer from the low-value task of hunting for the loose paper documentation.

Once they’re done with their work, the work task is automatically routed to the next worker.

The end benefit is higher efficiency and speed to resolution.

Employees at every level work more efficiently because they spend more time on tasks best suited to their individual skill. Employees won’t waste work time searching for documents or supporting material.

Do any of these problems eat at your efficiency? If so, you need a workflow solution:

  • Employees are spending too much time doing low-value tasks (searching for documents, waiting for or manually transferring paper files, losing critical documents, duplicating work)
  • Some employees are swamped with work, while others are idle
  • Busy decision makers are causing bottlenecks in the process because they must be involved but are regularly unavailable
  • Employees are cherry-picking work (most interesting, most valuable to them, and so forth) to the detriment of corporate goals

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