Document Indexing Software | Document Scanning

Quickly capture, index and securely store information for easy accessibility

Document scanning and indexing captures information from paper documents and converts it into digital formats for ease of storage, search, retrieval, and use.

Scanners currently have the capacity to scan thousands of pages of paper daily, transferring information from large troves of paper to digital, typically as PDF, TIFF, or JPG files. Scanning software with optical character recognition capabilities process the image files and extract the needed information. Indexing software optimises text for search by identifying and categorising documents and applying search criteria.

Benefits of document indexing solutions for businesses

Document scanning and indexing are necessary initial steps in an organisation’s digital transformation plan. Scanning and indexing improves operations by:

  • Converting paper-based documents into electronic formats for ease of use
  • Lowering costs of paper document storage
  • Organising documents in an intuitive way
  • Enabling sharing and collaboration
  • Controlling access to secured documents

The importance of accurate document identification

An enterprise information platform stores all content, regardless of where it originated. Direct integration with various scanning devices increases efficiencies as batch scanning for quick capture and indexing makes information instantly retrievable for all appropriate users. Scanning and indexing paper documents prepares the information for successful integration into an enterprise information platform:

  • Accurately classifying documents and content for quick retrieval
  • Routing documents automatically to designated business processes
  • Extracting useful data for automation of critical tasks
  • Preventing the need to replace lost or irretrievable documents

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